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Acne Laser Treatment

How can SpectraPeel control my acne?
The 3-step laser treatment process uses photo-acoustic technology to control the inflammation of acne, reduce sebum production, and induce skin cell turnover.

How many treatments are required?
At the first treatment session, all acne types will begin to reduce in size. Several more treatments will be needed within a 2-3 week interval. Acne is dramatically reduced.

How long will clinical results last?
While laser treatments are considered to be long-lasting, they are not permanent. Patients can help maintain their new appearance by carefully following the post-care instructions.

How much improvement can I expect?
You will see improvement after the first treatment, but results are more dramatic after 3-4 treatments.

How do other treatments compare to the SpectraPeel?
Unlike other procedures, SpectraPeel is virtually pain-free with no downtime. The treatment offers a greater margin of safety than topical or oral medications and has predictable and consistent results.