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New Non-Laser Treatment Provides Women with 3-D Faces

New non-laser treatment.

Researchers at the CNP Skin Laser Clinic in Seoul, South Korea have devised a hyaluronic acid filler that is injected to your face, creating augmentation.  320 women were treated…and after the 30 minute procedure was completed…the filler proved amazing results.

Researcher Don Won Lee, MD, PhD, and other surgeons at the clinic state, “Although Asians characteristically have broad, flat faces, many Asian women now prefer narrow, prominent faces like those of Caucasian women. “There is also a growing preference among young Asian women for a more 3-D face. We believe that our diamond volumizing technique using this filler is an attractive option for Asian women wishing for a more 3-D profile.”

No 3-D glasses needed here. 

Just wait ‘til this breakthrough treatment hits the states.

Are you excited?  Are you of non-Asian descript and would like an augmented face? 

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