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Old Buttocks Crack the Skin Code During Treatment

A study on octogenarians, published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology, has shown that the bottoms of the elderly may help to improve aging skin. Researchers have learned that injected dermal fillers such as Restylane can actually make a skin act younger.

Restylane was injected into the buttocks of nearly two-dozen 80-year olds and with biopsies conducted, dermatology professors such as Gary Fisher have learned, "When we injected the filler and increased the mechanical pressure around the cells, the cells responded robustly.  They made new collagen and several features of the skin improved in the direction of looking younger and behaving younger."

Sure beats laser liposuction, as we’re sure some unnecessary fat can be lost after treatment. This also can do wonders for varicose vein treatments as well as our natural aging process.  Imagine looking 80 with the butt of a 50 year old. 

Well, what a waste, you may be stating.  What good is it going to do if your rear looks younger, but your face is still sagging?  Well, Fisher adds that our rear ends are typically less damaged due to sun exposure than a person’s face.  And extensive research could, uh, rectify that.

"We now know the cells -- even though they appear to be sleepy -- are just waiting for the right signal to stimulate them.” 

Hot damn.  Want to read more?  Visit Vitals on NBC News.

How do you feel about a brand-spanking new rear?  Let us know.

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