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Tattoo Removal Services Group Against Groupon

Many clinics teaming up with Groupon offering discounts on botox, laser tattoo removal and even spider vein surgery are actually undercutting their clients.  The controversy amongst Groupon is demanding, “Are we really seeing a deal?”

Reports are indicating that many of these clinics, in this particular case, are offering a cheap solution to many consumerists’ needs without offering great service or quality.  Some non-Groupon participants, and incredibly satisfactory businesses such as Hawaii Vein, are suffering since many of their regular clientele are now asking them to meet the discounts offered by Groupon, causing their revenue to be hurt.

Monne Tong, who bought two Groupon deals this past year discounting teeth cleansing and eyelash extensions was given a refund when she attempted to redeem the vouchers.  Why?  She couldn’t book the appointments and was treated to bad customer service. 

Tong explains, “I am done with Groupon and any other organization like it," Tong said. "I would rather pay the money to get better service and be treated like an actual customer instead of a nuisance. It's not worth it."

Rafi Mohammed, a pricing strategy consultant, has explained that the first thing a consumer has to take into consideration that if a place is as great as Groupon makes them out to be, then why do they need to lower their prices as much to wrangle diners into their establishment?

To read more about the Groupon skepticism visit Yahoo! Finance.

Tell us about your Groupon experience?   Is it actually worth it?  Have you ever used a coupon for say, vein treatments?  Did you actually receive a worthwhile experience?  Comment below.

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