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Three women with thick hair want to understand the hair growth process.

Understand Your Hair Growth

If you’ve dealt with thinning hair, then you know that hair loss can be confusing. 

It seems hard to find information online and understand the causes.

The first thing you can do is learn about hair growth so you can find the best products and hair growth treatment for you.

Today, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the hair growth process – from how hair grows to why your hair is thinning.

How Does Hair Grow?

Here’s the deal:

Hair has to go through several steps in order to grow. There are four steps to the process:

  • Hair grows at the root of your follicles. The root of your hair is made up of protein cells.
  • Your blood vessels feed the root, which creates more cells and makes hair grow.
  • Hair is pushed through the skin as it grows, passing an oil gland on the way, which keeps your hair shiny and soft.
  • By the time the hair is pushed through the skin, it is dead.

The length of the hair cycle depends on what part of your body the hair is on. For your body hair, the cycle only lasts about a month. That’s why body hair doesn’t grow very long. For the hair on your head, the hair growth cycle lasts for a few years.

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Woman increases hair density with PRP for hair loss.

What’s the Hair Growth Cycle?

There are three stages to hair growth:

  • Anagen (Growing Phase) – This phase lasts for 2-7 years and determines the length of your hair. Typically, people grow 6 inches of hair a year.
  • Catagen (Transition Phase) – This phase lasts about a week or two. This signals the end of the active growing phase. During this phase, your hair is cut off from the blood vessels (which is what feeds your hair to grow).
  • Telogen (Resting Phase) – The final phase lasts about three months. While old hair is resting, new hair is beginning the growth phase and will eventually push out the old hair.

Why is my Hair Thinning?

Generally speaking, your hair should grow very fast. It’s normal to lose about 50-100 hairs a day, because the hair follicles don’t grow hair at the same time. Follicles will grow hair for a few years, then take a break. The follicles take breaks at different times and the other hairs will keep growing, so you won’t notice the loss.

However, some people suffer hair loss issues where some follicles stop growing hair. There are a handful of reasons you might be experiencing thinning hair: 

  • Age – Over time, hair becomes weaker and thinner after each hair growth cycle.
  • Hair growth cycle is disrupted – This could happen for a variety of reasons, including illness, poor diet, etc.
  • Hair enters resting phase too early – If your hair enters the resting phase too early, then you will experience noticeable hair loss.
  • Short anagen phase – If you have difficulty with natural hair growth, it’s most likely because you have a short anagen phase. This means that your hair is in active growth for a shorter period of time than most people.

Need a couple of hair growth tips? 

  • Make sure you eat the proper diet of nutrient rich foods to maintain healthy hair growth.
  • We strongly recommend PRP for hair loss. This is one of the best hair growth treatments out there. It involves a simple injection of your platelets into the scalp. PRP for hair loss will help increase hair density because it increases hair thickness, triggers and maintains the hair growth phase, and controls the hair growth cycle.

If you're tired of suffering from hair loss, then find out if PRP treatment is for you! Contact us today to schedule a consultation for evaluation by Dr. Chung.

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