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Different Types Of Vein Treatments

Varicose and spider veins can make you feel insecure, and uncomfortable. Most people like to feel as though they can wear whatever they want, but with varicose veins, shorts and skirts can seem like a luxury. Often times, these veins are purple and blue in color, and appear swollen and twisted. Spider veins, though more superficial than varicose veins, map out across the skin in thin red and blue lines. Often times people choose to get these vein issues treated not for any medical necessity, but simply to feel better about their physical appearance. Nobody wants to be the only person at a beach party wearing long pants instead of a bathing suit. And what woman, going out for a special evening on the town, wants to hide her legs in opaque tights rather than wearing slinky, sheer nylons under her little black dress.

An ultrasound guided sclerotherapy allows a doctor to see the origin of the problem. Usually a vein deep inside the leg causes pressure and makes for the unsightly bulging that is attributed to varicose veins. By finding the right vein to focus on, you can increase your odds of surgical success. Without the ultrasound guided sclerotherapy, your varicose veins have more of a chance of returning, and you will most likely have to have follow-up procedures.

Visual sclerotherapy involves a safe solution which is injected into the problematic vein. The solution allows the vein walls to seal shut and become scar tissue. Although it might take a few treatments, it’s a convenient outpatient procedure that produces quick results.

However, there’s a much more permanent procedure called “endovenous laser therapy”. By using a laser inserted into the skin, a doctor can use heat to close the vein causing the swelling. With local anesthesia, this is also an outpatient procedure. Although it is slightly more invasive than visual sclerotherapy, it tends to produce more promising results.

A final procedure most often recommended to those with severe varicose veins, which have dilated beyond repair, is called “phlebectomy”. Under local anesthesia a doctor will make a simple incision and remove the problem veins, leaving you to go about your business the rest of the day. Complications are uncommon with this procedure, and the most aftercare you will have to deal with is a compression stocking worn over the place of the incision for one to two weeks afterward.

To think that an affliction which can cause physical pain and self-consciousness can be remedied so efficiently and quickly is surprising for some people. Most of the time the affected veins are superficial, and will not affect your circulatory system if they are removed. If you find yourself suffering from leg swelling, vein inflammation and itchy, chord-like veins, it might be time to consider visiting the Vein and Skin Center of Hawaii℠. And this summer you may be smiling all the way to the beach in your brand new swimsuit.