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What can SpectraPeel do for my enlarged pores?
Certain conditions associated with enlarged pores can be safely and dramatically reduced for both men and women utilizing the SpectraPeel laser.

How many treatments are required?
In most cases, 3-5 treatments will be required for optimum and long-lasting results. It is recommended that treatments are repeated every 2-3 weeks for pore size reduction. For maintaing clinical results, treatments should be performed twice a year.

How does SpectraPeel reduce my enlarged pores?
A photo-enhancer will be applied to your facial area, which is naturally absorbed into the pores. Next, the laser's energy is utilized to create heat causing a photo-acoustical effect to remove excessive sebum, clean away dead skin cells, and simultaneously unclog the pores. This process stimulates the inner walls of the pores as well as promoting collagen remodeling.

How long will my results last?
While laser treatments are considered to be long-lasting, they are not permanent. Patients can help maintain their new appearance by carefully following the post-care instructions and by avoiding prolonged sun exposure.