Advanced Skin Care For Wrinkle Removal & Treatment

Too much sun exposure can cause wrinkles on exposed parts of the body including the face, neck, back of hands, and tops of forearms. Smoking, having light-colored skin, and heredity, also causes them.

Using a good screen and refraining from smoking are ways that wrinkles can be prevented or minimized.

Comprising two categories, wrinkles can be fine surface lines, or deep furrows. There are options to prevent them, and options to treat them.

Wrinkle Removal
Wrinkle Removal

Wrinkle Treatments

To minimize the appearance of wrinkles, creams such as Retinoids, Retin-A, Renova, which are medically the most proven and effective of combating signs of aging that include uneven pigment of the skin, rough patches, and wrinkling. These treatments cause some redness and peeling; and improvement is noted after the peeling ceases.

Antioxidants such as Vitamin A, C, and E, and also beta-carotene, may provide sun protection, along with the use of sunscreen; and may mildly improve wrinkles.

Moisturizers that are advertised to reduce the appearance of fine lines are useful for a temporary improvement.

A Glycolic acid peel may make a slight difference in fine-line intensity.

Deeper Peels

Deeper peels with ingredients including salicylic acid and trichloroacetic acid do a better job of smoothing fine lines, but the deeper the peel, the more chance of side effects to include scarring and skin color modification. 

Sanding the skin, termed dermabrasion can make a substantial difference, but its success is dependent upon the experience and qualifications of the professional performing the procedure. Again, side effects are possible that include scarring and skin color changes. Laser Skin Care Treatment

Wrinkle Removal

Laser treatments to resurface the skin, stimulate the skin’s production of collage, to plump up the skin. Be sure to check with your physician for treatments and potential side effects. 

Brow lifts; face-lifts and plastic are a viable alternative for some people. Discuss this with your Doctor before deciding if it for you.

Injections such as Botox to relax muscles causing the frown lines usually last for several months and require repeating. 

There are many treatments available for reducing or eliminating slight or deeper lines. You should consult your Doctor or Skin Care Professional to assist you in determining which best suits your individual needs.

PicoSure has shown to be a great way to treat and remove those unsightly facial lines and wrinkles. Take the time and learn more in regards to this advanced laser treatment and contact Hawaii Vein Today. 

In the meantime, it will be helpful to adopt a prevention program that includes sunscreen and hats to reduce sun exposure and lifestyle modifications such as smoking cessation to reduce facial lines and the loss of vitamins our body needs to maintain a healthy skin.

If you are fair-skinned or are genetically predisposed to skin issues, then your situation requires a more concentrated prevention of reducing skin exposure.

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