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Dealing with hyperhidrosis is not always easy. When you’re researching different hyperhidrosis treatment options, sometimes you just want a quick fix. Today, you’ll learn 8 things that you can do right now to help improve your hyperhidrosis before getting treatment.

Dealing with excessive sweating can be a confusing and lonely process.
 If you’ve been diagnosed with hyperhidrosis, you might ask yourself questions like what is hyperhidrosis, what does it mean, and how does it work?

If you’ve dealt with thinning hair, then you know that hair loss can be confusing. It seems hard to find information online and understand the causes. The first thing you can do is learn about hair growth so you can find the best products and hair growth treatment for you. Today, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the hair growth process – from how hair grows to why your hair is thinning.

If you suffer from hair loss, then you know how hard it is to determine the cause and find the right treatment. Besides looking into hair loss treatments including PRP for hair loss (our recommended treatment), one simple thing you can do to grow your hair is look at your diet. What foods are you eating? Are you getting the right nutrients and vitamins that encourage hair growth? Today, you’ll learn the top 6 foods to incorporate into your diet that will encourage hair growth and help improve hair density.

Dealing with hair loss is a pain. Alopecia can occur for a variety of reasons and improving hair growth can seem impossible.But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are some simple things you can do to improve your hair density today. In today’s blog post, you’ll learn 8 easy ways to improve your hair loss right now.

If you’ve experienced hair loss, you know finding the right treatment isn’t easy. When you do find a treatment that you want to try, such as PRP for hair loss, how do you prepare for it? Is there anything you need to do before or after to maximize your results? Today you’ll learn everything you need to know about preparing for the PRP for hair loss treatment.

If you suffer from hyperhidrosis, then you know what it means to deal with sweat stains. However, sweat stains don't just occur because of excessive sweat in your underarms. Sweat stains typically occur due to the combination of sweat, bacteria, and antiperspirant/deodorant. And sweat stains can be hard to remove. But they don't have to be. Today, you'll learn our top 6 tips on how to remove sweat stains from your shirts.

Dealing with body odor can be confusing. You probably have questions about the causes and treatment options available. You’re not alone. Today, you’ll learn everything you need to know about bromhidrosis, from what it is, to what causes it, to treatment options.