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Bottoms Down: Faces Are Lifting

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons just releases some interesting statistics.  Looks like less people are seeking to get their breasts or buttocks augmented and are treating their mugs to some face lifting.

I guess since the public’s fascination with JLO’s rear has died down, people want to beautify their faces in every shape way or form possible.  Have a triple chin?  Say goodbye.  Wrinkles near your eyes?  Be gone.  And of course, have some extra fat around your waist?  That’s where laser liposuction comes in.

And what’s the reason behind all this?  Baby Boomers.  Gen X and Y were all about enlarged boobs and rump rears.  The keyword and motto for the boomer generation is “laser”.  That’s right.  Laser surgery treatment.  Gen X and Y avoided face surgery procedures during their hey-day because the treatments were incredibly painful and led to a lot of downtime (that’s days you’re calling in sick to work because the treatment’s affects were so intense).  With today’s skin-tightening procedures such as Fractora, eMatrix and Venus Freeze, the pain is minimal and the turn-around/recovery period is quick. 

Check out CNN to read more?

Have you subjected your body to laser surgery treatment?  Share with us your results.

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