Can Botox Actually Help Battle Stomach Cancer?

The wonder treatment for wrinkles may be useful in the treatment for stomach cancers. Columbia University medical center researches have released findings that may suggest that impeding nerve signals through surgery or Botox may slow the growth of stomach tumors.

As the fifth most common cancer, gastric cancer is also the second highest cause of cancer mortality. Most stomach cancers are triggered by an infection with a bacterium identified as Helicobacter pylori that infects the mucus stomach lining and causes inflammation.

Can Botox Battle Stomach Cancer?

Many people have this bacterium, however only 1 to 2% of each 100 infected ever develop cancer of the stomach. It becomes evident that other factors may contribute to the development of cancer.

Wnt is a signaling pathway that may play a role in stomach cancer. Proteins are release and these proteins control the cells and their movement. Stomach cells that lead to cancer are a byproduct of this Wnt and the H. pylori.

Can Botox Battle Stomach Cancer?

Studies now suggest that nerves may also be involved in the cancer development. A specific nerve called the vagus nerve which connects the stomach to the brain, when broken, can reduce the risk of the growth of stomach cancer. The researchers began to study if blocking signals from this nerve could help to stop the growth of tumors.

Botox is produced by the bacterium clostridium botulinum and when used in small amounts aids in cosmetic procedures. It can prevent nerve cells from releasing a transmitter called acetylcholine. This same transmitter apparently stimulates gastric cancer growth. Botox prevents this transmitter and could potentially reduce the incidence of tumors.

Botox has also been found to enhance chemotherapy effects. Researches are very encouraged in the Botox effects on the inhibition of stomach cancer tumors.

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Can Botox Battle Stomach Cancer?

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