Cosmetic Surgery for Men on the Rise

Most men have stayed away from cosmetic surgery but listen here, how many of us are hung-over and sleep-deprived and have these stressful jobs we have tend to? Plenty of us. So what happens? We start looking older than we actually are.


Statistics are showing that men are growing less and less shameful when it comes to applying surgical techniques to freshen up their skin and get rid of that tired look under their eyes.

New Yorker, Nick (real name withheld), has just had surgery for neck liposuction to gain a better, bolder jawline by getting rid of the double-chin that’s been haunting him daily.

Nick says, "If you work hard and play hard, it's impossible to keep your neck as tight as you want. I was already busting my butt working out four days a week, but nothing was happening there, so I figured why not?"

So what do you figure? Are you going to be like Nick and get liposuction treatment? Chime below.

To read more about Nick visit Fox News.

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