Cosmetic Surgery Gone Wrong

Cosmetic surgery can often lead to startling results. Sometimes these results are so dramatic that the person barely resembles their former self. Who hasn’t seen the online sites ridiculing celebrities who have gone too far with surgery? Good cosmetic surgery is subtle, it should enhance a person’s natural qualities. Bad cosmetic surgery shouts to the world that the person has had something done, or in many cases, far too much done. Becoming unrecognizable or losing what made you unique should not be the aim of enhancement surgery. Here in Honolulu, the site of some of the world’s most spectacular beaches, we prize natural beauty. But we acknowledge that sometimes it takes a little help to achieve that beauty. For a beach-ready body, SmartLipo offers a subtle solution. This advanced technique can slim, shape, and sculpt to give you a healthy trim look.

Cosmetic Surgery

Realistic Expectations

Elective cosmetic procedures can often improve a person’s self-esteem. For a teenager, unhappy with the appearance of their nose, rhinoplasty can help alleviate insecurities. As we age it can refresh the look of our eyes, or trim our thickened waist. But for some people with negative body image issues cosmetic surgery can become an obsession.

Whether you are considering a facelift or a fat reduction procedure, keeping your expectations realistic is the healthiest mindset.

Are you thinking of having liposuction done, perhaps to give you back a more youthful jawline by eliminating jowls, or to bring out the muscle definition in your abdominal region? Then consider SmartLipo by Cynosure, instead of traditional liposuction. SmartLipo is a revolutionary cosmetic tool with the ability to contour in a subtle way. Traditional liposuction, which is not meant for delicate areas such as the face and neck, is a more drastic procedure which can remove more fat. But it has drawbacks such as more bruising, a longer recovery period and the possibility of dimpled flesh.

Most people who choose to have cosmetic surgery don’t wish to announce it to the world. Who wants to see their “before and after” shots go viral or to have their cosmetic enhancements become fodder for water cooler conversations? SmartLipo is the perfect tool for subtle contouring or for revealing those hard-earned muscles.

SmartLipo is a laser-assisted liposuction system which can trim your waist and refine your jawline. It uses the newest technology, pairing a laser with the more traditional system of vacuuming up fat. The laser melts the fat making it easy to remove. The cannula, the tube which is used to suck up the emulsified fat, has been designed to require only minute incisions. For minimal bruising, little to no downtime and stellar results, opt for SmartLipo over standard liposuction.

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