Deck the Halls With…Laser Liposuction Surgery!

It’s a new Holiday craze! Let’s say you reside in Honolulu and only find yourself seeing your family maybe once…two times out of the year because they live on the East Coast, for example. Want show them the brand new you? Get some laser liposuction! Everyone else is doing it…

Statistics report that people are going mad during the holiday season and submitting themselves to quick cosmetic procedures in order to impress relatives or even guests at holiday parties (it is mistletoe season, you know).


Dr. Nassif, a facial reconstruction surgeon points out, “Social media means that all those candid holiday photos are going to end up on Facebook and Twitter for everyone to see and who doesn’t want to look their best in pictures. Secondly, we’re able to do amazing things with fillers now that can take years off of your appearance in minutes at an affordable cost.“

By fillers Dr. Nassif is referring to Restylane and Botox that assist in getting rid of dark circles underneath your eyes and even giving your face some needed volume.

Are you going to sign up for a holiday makeover? Share with us your thoughts below.

To read more about this holiday crazy visit MSNBC right now.

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