Do Waist Trainers Really Work?

As our culture begins to appreciate an hourglass figure the interest for wait trainers has skyrocketed. You’ve probably seen Instagram posts of celebrities like the Kardashians have showcased their support of waist training. In fact there’s so much hype that the hashtag #waisttraining receives more than 500,000 hits and amazon has more than 20,000 results for waist trainers.

How popular this revived tradition has become is no indication of its actual results. The question still remains, is it just hype or does it produce that desired hourglass figure?


The Expert Opinion

While it shapes your waist when it’s on you, you’re going to go back to your God-given body when you take it off. Dr. Lawrence Zachary, plastic and reconstructive surgery surgeon at University of Chicago, comments on waist trainers effectiveness on reshaping bodies, “If that was the case, they’d be making a fortune, there are no quick fixes.”

Assistant director of fitness and wellness at DePaul University, Heather Hamilton, confirms that, Currently there’s no evidence at all whatsoever that waist training is an effective exercise shortcut. There are no proven long-term results from the method and as far as the fat mobilization thing- I can’t believe that’s actually something that happens.”

Simply compressing your waist won’t get you permanent results to slim or reshape your core.

Waist Trainer Safety

According Dr. Tiffany Patton of University of Chicago Medicine, waist trainers can cause breathing and abdominal problems. Abdominal issues can include acid reflex, heartburn, and poor circulation to bodily organs. Working out with a waist trainer it could irritate your skin by not letting sweat escape.

How to Get a Slim Waist

Diet and exercise programs like high-intensity interval training (HITT) work well, but what if that isn’t working or your body doesn’t have the same curves as an hourglass figure?

Laser liposuction can permanently remove fat cells to reduce the size of your waist. It’s a much gentler approach that will contour your body in all the right places. 

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