Does Targeted Diet or Exercise Actually Get Rid of Belly Fat?

Is there any fat more stubborn than belly fat? It seems that no matter how much we diet or exercise we just can’t shake it. It’s the reason sit-ups and crunches are probably among the most popular exercises, certainly not because they feel great.

Diet and Exercise

Good old-fashioned sit-ups and crunches often lead to disappointing results, even for those who do them religiously. Some people will do a hundred or more crunches or sit-ups per day with the hope of tapering their waist to little or no effect. Even rigorous, tailor-made exercise plans specifically designed to target the abdominal area can be discouraging. And all the infomercial contraptions on the market which promise to make sit-ups easier or to supercharge them usually turn out to be a waste of money. Most end up unused, cluttering our living space or gathering dust in the garage. Strengthening the abdominal area is great for your back and posture in general, but unfortunately sit-ups can often come up short.

Diets formulated to target the belly fat rarely work either. Often these hyped up diets bring very little new to the table (pun intended). They advise you to stay away from sugars and carbohydrates or they offer a tried and true commonsense approach with small meals of lean protein and plenty of produce while placing restrictions on fat and sugar calories. These diets may make for a healthier you, and they may help you lose excess fat, but they are not a magic bullet when it comes to slimming your belly fat.

A thickened waist can make us feel older or too self-conscious to bare our bodies at the beach. Stubborn fat deposits around our waist can be discouraging and make us give up on our diet or exercise routine. The best option is to carry on with those healthful habits--continue consuming a nutritious diet and keep up those fat-burning and muscle-building exercises while adding a professional’s expertise and a revolutionary procedure to the mix.

SmartLipo a Proven Solution for Getting Rid of Belly Fat

SmartLipo is the premier device for sculpting the abdomen. It emulsifies the fat with a laser before vacuuming it away. It is a permanent solution to that extra fat padding your belly. SmartLipo is a streamlined system with a slender cannula which is far better for the fine etching required of the abdominal region. The incisions made for insertion of the cannula are minute so the chance of scarring is rare. And there is an added benefit to the laser liposuction procedure. The heat of the laser stimulates collagen production, which helps give the treated region a smoother, tighter appearance. So you lose fat and get firmer skin in the process--definitely a two-for-one, win-win situation.

If you are tired of going it alone, or if the slow progress is putting you off exercise or eating healthily, then perhaps you should consider enlisting an expert to help sculpt your abs. SmartLipo can melt away the stubborn fat and let you enjoy your body.

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