Get Rid of Stretch Marks With New Treatment

No one’s too happy about stretch marks. And one of the biggest questions the cosmetic industry is: “Why can’t you get rid of my stretch marks?!”

Well, laser procedures have evolved in the last few years. No need for topical treatments anymore to get rid of those pesky marks. The market has produced two options for you: the KTP Laser, which attacks freshly formed stretch marks; and the CO2, which rejuvenates your skin.

Treat Stretch Marks

Mothers who have just given birth are booking appointments. Dr. Eric Schweiger a dermatologist and advocate of both treatments is quick to add, “Our mom patients who are done having children are coming in for stretch mark removal as a treat to themselves, and are enjoying great results from our laser procedures.”

How Do Lasers Remove Stretch Marks?

Not only are lasers highly effective, but these are a non-invasive treatment. The laser works by utilizing light beams to remove thin layers of skin where stretch marks appear. It disintegrates the cells when the ultra violet rays kindle the molecular bond in the skin. When the skin is removed the process of developing new skin will begin. When skin is removed it may cause some redness, but this is a natural worry and shouldn't be a cause for concern.

How Does the KTP laser Work?

The KTP laser is ideal for new stretch marks or ones that are shades of purple or red. It creates a thick band of pulsed light to kindle the production of collagen and elastin.

How Does the Fractional CO2 laser Work?

This fractional laser works by creating small pores that are filled with collagen. They quickly work to eradicate any stretch marks in the area. It works well on stretch marks that are white or greyish.

Are you embarrassed by stretch marks? Try out these non-invasive treatments to the skin you desire.

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