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Had Laser Tattoo Removal? Find the Right Product to Treat Your Skin

Right product to treat your skin.

The market is constantly being flooded with new ointments and home products for your skin, hair, eyes and even teeth.  But what to choose from?  That’s where lifestyle expert Sarah Eggenberger comes in.  Eggenberger has pillaged the markets trying to find the best possible beauty care products for you. 

Re: skin care treatment Eggenberger states, “We focus so much attention on wrinkles, what really ages us is our uneven tone so recent developments have shown that uneven tone is how we register aging.”

She recommends a product by My Chelle.

“They have a full system with apple plant stem cells that will help to diminish uneven tones and give you a healthy growth.”

It’s been suggested that even for someone who has had, let’s say, laser tattoo removal, your skin can become incredibly irritated.  According to Eggenberger, products by companies such as Olay can even, “help(s) with more coverage so this is better for your skin.”

Want to treat graying hair?  Or even whiten your teeth?  You can watch a video of Eggenberger and her recommendations on MSNBC.

Have any skin care products you recommended for irritated skin?  Let us know below.

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