How To Get Rid of Cellulite

Let’s face it; out of all the new-age admonitions that you should love your body no matter what, most women – and a few men – are only ready to do that after the cellulite comes off. Surprise – body positivity can only legitimately set in after your body is actually positive! Not surprisingly, the desire to get rid of cellulite practically dominates American mainstream media, and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery concurs that the majority of women find their jiggling parts worrisome.

It is precisely this worry that continues to spur on the market for novel techniques to reduce the excess fat. This climate of innovation has most recently led to Cellulaze, which is a laser that just recently enjoyed the all-important clearing process of the Food and Drug Administration, and is available for consumer use.


What Causes Cellulite?

Enough of those topical treatments that people keep using because of fantastic claims made by their adherents. After all; how can you really expect some magic cream to melt away the cellulite that sits beneath your skin? Cellulaze solves the problem by using intense laser light that safely works underneath the skin, to fight the actual cause – not just the symptom.

Why do we, especially women, get cellulite? Well, let practicing dermatologist Matthew Avram, who is also the director of the Dermatology Laser & Cosmology Center at Massachusetts General Hospital tell you: cellulite, itself, is a function of an overproduction of estrogen. The exact medical science is still being worked out, but it is hypothesized that the estrogen hardens the septae beneath the skin, which induces the shrinkage that draws the skin tighter and makes for the unsightly appearance.


How Do You Remove Cellulite- Cullulaze?

Cellulaze – you know, that light of deliverance that’s proving more effective than any other techniques to date – pretty much weakens the hardened septae, and then melts the excess fat that developed in the pockets. The good doctor first anesthetizes the offending region, and, using a laser fiber, heats your skin starting from the inside to the outside – this has the effect of jump starting the growth of elastin and collagen.

The fat is blitzed into nothingness by the focused, cauterizing heat, and the skin is hardened afterward. The end result is that the septae will not return as before. The heat left by the laser consistently induces beneficial elastin growth – up to 30% more than before. Elastin makes human skin more supple, as well as making it look younger.

The beauty of Cellulaze is that it is a treatment that has shown very promising, permanent results in patients. The resultant scarring amounts to a tiny dot, at the most, because of the tiny thread of a laser employed. Finally, all those other dubious claims about how to get rid of cellulose may have to take a back seat to the actual, but inevitable, progress of real science.

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