Laser Therapy Treatment for Varicose Veins

A new study reports that laser therapy is the best alternative for treatment of varicose veins. The study reviewed 798 participants who had varicose veins and had been treated at 11 vascular surgery centers between 2008 and 2012. Participants in the study had one out of three types of treatments including, closing off veins with a laser, injections of drug foam into the vein, and surgically removing the vein.

Varicose Veins

At six months post treatment, researchers checked the outcomes identifying the success of each, and interviewed the participants. The main findings indicated that there were fewer complications experienced after laser treatment.

The Causes of Varicose Veins

Generally, varicose veins are blood vessels that are swollen or twisted, and are caused by valves inside the veins not working correctly. 

People who experience this condition have pools of blood that have gone backward due to the leaky valves inside the vein, causing an enlargement of the vein.

The Laser Procedure

Termed endovenous laser ablation or more commonly laser therapy, the laser procedure utilizes heat produced by laser energy to close off affected blood vessels, making the blood flow to healthy veins located nearby. 

Varicose Veins

The Foam Procedure

The injection of drugs into a vessel, mixed with air, will cause the wall of the vessel to thicken, and can assist with sealing off the blood flow. The study indicated that this procedure was less likely to completely close a vein that had faulty valves, thus requiring additional treatments.

Complications from the Procedures
The study showed that one percent of patients treated with a laser experienced complications as compared to six and seven percent of the participants who had the foam and surgery treatments respectively.

Medical professionals have indicated that based on the study, in comparing complications and treatment success rates, laser treatment appears to be the best option for treating varicose veins.

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