Moob On Over; Men Turn to Surgery to Get Rid of Man Boobs

With a rise in plastic surgery and varicose vein treatments – studies have shown that men are willing to go under the knife to get the body they want. What’s new? There has been a 28 per cent increase in men trying to get rid of their “man boobs”. The Private Clinic in London released the figures.

Dr. Dennis Wolf of the Private Clinic says, "Today men are more aware of the treatments available to them and are more open to the possibility of undergoing a cosmetic procedure in a bid to get the shape and the physique that they would like.


Pat Dunion, spokeswoman for the surgery group adds, "More and more men who are feeling self conscious about the size of their chest area are turning to chest reduction surgery - also known as gynaecomastia - to overcome their problem and boost their confidence.”

And what causes man boobs? Experts say a hormone imbalance between estrogen and testosterone, as well as antidepressants and certain heart medications. And the surgery treatment is on the rise – doubling twice within the last five years.

Do you suffer from man hooters? Are you tired of using a “man-siere”? Would you go under the knife? Share with us below.

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