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More Men Using Lipo Treatment With Great Results

More men using lipo treatment with great results.
Statistics have constantly shown that women don’t shy away from upgrading their bodies as they age. 

From spider vein treatments to injecting thinning lips full of vigor and plumpness, plastic surgery has become as common in certain woman as they are to flip through a new fall fashion catalog. 

But within the last 10 years plastic surgeons have seen a 20 percent increase in male patients going under treatment.
Laser Liposuction.Be it encouragement from a girlfriend or spouse or a planned trip to Honolulu, men who are feeling younger via regular exercise and dieting want to also look their best.  From laser liposuction to eyelid lifts and jaw sculpting, male patients are lining up.

Claude Burrow, a plastic surgeon based out of Boulder County, states, “You want friends to say, ‘Were you on vacation? You look terrific’.  Less is more for men… That’s what gray hair and experience give you.”

What do you think?  Are you going to sign up for varicose vein surgery?  Maybe you want to downgrade from two chins to one?  Or maybe you’ve gone under treatment already and want to share your experience? 

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