New Technologies Contour the Jaw for a Softer More Feminine Appearance

Many Asian clients desire to improve their jaw line that is prominent and/or out of proportion to the rest of their face. In addition, patients of all races and cultural backgrounds may also have an enlarged or masculine jaw line and wish to have it made more slender and feminine.

A prominent jaw line may be the result of genetics or teeth grinding, which enlarges the jaw (masseter) muscle. In society, many consider an attractive female face to have the overall shape of an inverted triangle or heart where the top of the face gradually tapers off into the chin. Cosmetic jaw line contouring has the ability to achieve a less prominent jaw line to create a harmonious balance with other facial features and soften the appearance.

The traditional method to treat a disproportionate jaw has been with painful and extensive surgeries that remove part of the muscle over the jaw or shave off a portion of the jawbone itself. However, The Vein and Skin Center of Hawaii offers patients a non-surgical alternative that involves the injection of Botox into the masseter muscle to contour the jaw line. The masseter muscle is located along the jaw line and is responsible for moving the jaw to allow the teeth to clench or chew. Patients with a large masseter often have a square jaw line.

Jaw contouring using Botox is accomplished by blocking nerve impulses to the masseter muscle. In this manner, the masseter muscle is allowed to relax so it can gradually reduce in size. Improvement in the jaw line becomes apparent up to six weeks after a session, and results may last from 4-6 months; although in some instances, it can even last up to a full year depending on the patient.


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