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SmartLipo Body Contouring Benefits

Body contouring benefits.
SmartLipo, or laser assisted lipolysis, is actually liposuction performed using laser energy to liquefy fat. The laser beam is directed through the patient’s skin and into the fat.

The fat is then removed through a small tube or “cannula”. Some surgeons don’t remove the liquid fat, instead, they let it become absorbed by the body and passed through as waste.

Laser assisted liposuction was introduced to the public by Dr. Rodrigo Neira in 1999.

Benefits of SmartLipo

SmartLipo does have some rather telling benefits compared to other forms of liposuction that make it a very useful procedure for body contouring.

Laser body sculpting is minimally invasive, the incision is almost always under three millimeters wide and stitches are rarely used afterward. The use of a laser results in very little scarring of the skin and even appears to have beneficial results other than permanent lose of body fat.

When the laser beam passes through the skin it stimulates collagen and elastin. This aids in tightening a patients skin so it doesn’t sag after the procedure. Sometimes, the flesh becomes more toned and has an anti-aging effect as well. There is very little evidence that any form of surgery was done.

Patients are able to use a local anesthetic in the Doctors’ office. Both plastic surgeons and clients report that smart lipolysis offers less pain, fewer side effects, shorter recovery and downtime and costs less than traditional liposuction. They say it is not very noticeable, that you have had any medical procedure done and generally seem very happy with their results. It is often a big relief to people who have suffered because of stubborn fat and cellulite.

Smartlipo liposuction.

Laser lipolysis procedures can be performed on many parts of the body and is especially useful for those hard to treat or sensitive areas. The face, neck, breasts, stomach, butt, thighs and nearly anywhere can benefit from laser contouring.

There is debate between the benefits of liposuction and SmartLipo. Many times, doctors don’t agree about which one is better to use. Although, for certain parts of your body, many recommend smart lipolysis because it is more precise and causes less scarring than traditional lipolysis.

Advancing technologies enable SmartLipo to be used as a high-definition liposuction. This advanced laser body sculpting, or body contouring, gives many interesting options about how to apply a smart lipolysis technique. Maybe a client will walk out of the physician’s office with a new and ripped looking six-pack tummy instead of a sagging beer belly.

If you’re considering liposuction you may want to consider SmartLipo as well because there are many positive benefits to it compared to typical liposuction.

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