SmartLipo Can Give You Slimmer Thighs

Can you hear your nylons rub together when you walk? It can be quite embarrassing when it happens, especially when walking across a quiet room. Do you experience chafing between your legs?

Do you avoid hiking, running, or other exercises because you wish to avoid skin irritation where your thighs meet? Having your thighs constantly rub together is not only annoying it can lead to painful rashes, as well.

What a bummer, to get dressed up for a special event and step out in a slinky dress and sexy nylons only to find yourself afraid to dance or simply walk across a crowded room because you worry your thighs will rub together and make that telltale swishing sound.

If you are tired of feeling self-conscious or dealing with painful, raw skin you should consider SmartLipo, which can slim and contour the thighs, giving you a gap between the inner thighs.

Trimmed inner thighs can help reduce that swishing sound, in addition to making you look more attractive in shorts, mini-skirts, and swimwear.


Exercise Exacerbates Chafing

Chafing can become worse with exercise because sweat causes the skin to stick together, increasing the friction and irritation. Rashes can result and often the pain of the rash will prevent you from exercising until the chafed area has healed. So you end up avoiding exercise, the very thing that may help to reduce your thighs.

There are temporary solutions such as applying lotion, a petroleum ointment, or some other lubrication between your legs to decrease the friction, but having greasy inner thighs is not a very pleasant feeling. Talcum powder is often suggested to allow the thighs to glide over each other.

SmartLipo offers a permanent solution. This procedure can liquefy and vacuum away stubborn fat in the thigh region, leaving you with thinner thighs. SmartLipo is an advanced, precision instrument.

Tiny incisions are made in the skin and a slender tube called a cannula is inserted. The fat is melted by the laser encased in the tube and then sucked away through the tube. SmartLipo can precisely target the unwanted fat pockets. And the heat from the laser stimulates collagen production, which will give you tighter, smoother skin in the treated area.

When Diet and Exercise Aren’t Enough
Unfortunately, even when we diet and exercise we don’t always get the shape we strive for. We may still have to contend with a belly pooch, love handles, muffin tops, and thick thighs.

SmartLipo is frequently used to slim and trim these problem areas. Don’t let the “chub rub”, as it is often called, prevent you from exercising or enjoying a night out on the town. Make an appointment for SmartLipo so that you can walk across the room with confidence.

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