SmartLipo Can Sculpt Your Neck & Jawline

Many people concerned with aging focus on the eye area, from the small wrinkles radiating from the corners of their eyes to the lax skin on their eyelids. But the aging effect of sagging jowls and excess neck fat should not be underestimated.

A slender neck and a defined jaw structure can make us appear youthful, when this area thickens or sags it ages us, sometimes prematurely. You certainly won’t see a fashion magazine layout with models with loose or fatty jowls or thickened necks.

And it’s a rare male superhero who doesn’t have an impressive jaw. Besides being handsome, a strong, distinct jawline connotes health, vigor, and virility. SmartLipo, a revolutionary procedure which we offer at our Honolulu location, can suck away the excess fat, for a firmer more attractive jawline and neck.


Redistribution of Fat

As we age fat shifts, hollowing areas which were once plump such as cheeks. When fat disappears from beneath our eyes, our eyes can appear more deep set, making us look fatigued even when we aren’t.

This redistribution causes fat to settle in places on our face where it never was before such as the jowls. Jowls not only make us look middle-aged before our time, but they can make us appear dissatisfied or unhappy. And an accumulation of fat around the neck can give the illusion of a shortened neck.

Facial Toning Exercises vs. SmartLipo

You can find numerous facial exercise routines online which purport to give you back the firm jaw line of your youth. It’s true that exercise can tone muscles, so these facial exercises may actually help, but to have an effect they must be practiced consistently.

Unfortunately, as with all exercise routines it is easy to get discouraged if the results are not immediate. With SmartLipo, on the other hand, you can expect to see a change within weeks.

SmartLipo is a laser liposuction procedure which utilizes a thin cannula perfect for small areas of localized fat such as the neck and jaw area. It works like a precise, etching tool refining areas too delicate for standard liposuction. Of course, refining and sculpting these areas takes expert skill and finesse.


SmartLipo offers the added benefit of tightening the skin in the treated area. The laser not only melts the fat, but it stimulates collagen production. Undergoing a treatment which combines both sculpting and tightening can refresh your entire look. In addition, because the cannula is slender it requires only minute incisions in the skin. Tiny incisions have a good chance of healing without a trace.

If you feel that the lower half of your face could use some toning then you might want to give facial exercises a try, but if you find you are not satisfied with the results consider SmartLipo. Make an appointment at our center in Honolulu to see if SmartLipo can help give you the jawline you desire.

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