SmartLipo Today’s Alternative to Corsetry

A tiny waist has been an ideal for centuries. Unfortunately, nature often does not give us the shape we most desire, which is why corsets were invented. Corsets became all the rage during the Victorian era. Almost overnight, women in Europe and North America wouldn’t be caught dead in public without their corset. At the height of their popularity dressmakers were designing clothing which would not fit properly unless a corset was worn beneath.


When the waist is cinched tightly, body fat gets redistributed making other assets appear more prominent such as breasts and hips. The exaggerated hourglass figure was what most women of that era aspired to achieve.

Over the years, corsets have earned a well-deserved rap as an unhealthy way to achieve a pronounced hourglass shape. Women would often go to extremes. Who doesn’t recall the scene in “Gone with the Wind” where Scarlett insists that her maid pull her corset brutally tight? She boasted a 17-inch waist as a young woman. Corsets were often made from whalebone and could be painfully restrictive. Women of centuries past would have trouble drawing breaths. Was it any wonder why there were so many reviving potions and sachets on the market in those days? Fainting was an all too common response to these tight undergarments. While women gloried in the tiny waists they’d achieved they often suffered breathing difficulties and worse. Wearing a corset extremely tight can actually put enough pressure on organs to shift their position. Ribs can be squeezed and even broken.

Despite the harm such a restrictive garment could do, these unrealistic ideals persisted for years. And the super-narrow waist certainly hasn’t gone out of fashion. Many modern day stars and celebrities strive for these curvy, hourglass shapes. Sports magazines feature women in bikinis with proportions which mere mortals cannot match, unless of course a corset is employed—and who wears a corset to the beach?

The Hourglass Shape is Trendy Again

Though corsets have become trendy again in some fashion circles, most women consider them a relic of the past. They would far prefer having their waists trimmed permanently without having to suffer such uncomfortable, restrictive clothing. Though a Scarlett-sized waist is clearly unrealistic, a slimmer, shapelier waist is certainly achievable.

SmartLipo is cutting edge technology which can slim and redefine the waist. This procedure offers freedom rather than restriction. With corsets women were really just disguising their true shapes beneath clothing. It is certainly more desirable to have the fat removed permanently and to do away with uncomfortably binding undergarments. With laser liposuction the fat is melted by the laser then sucked away. The waist is permanently slimmed. A person who has undergone the procedure will look as good in clothing as out of it. Imagine how popular and liberating the procedure would have been for those women of the past. Visit our Honolulu center and take advantage of the benefits of living in the 21st century.

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