Top 5 Cosmetic Treatments To Get Ready For Summer

If you are thinking about getting a cosmetic treatment then don’t wait for the warm weather. There are many advantages to starting and completing your procedure in the colder months as far as recovery. In fact, plastic surgeon Dr. Terry Higgins, comments, “There are several reasons for doing these treatments during the fall months, like more flexibility in terms of scheduling for recovery.”

There are 5 treatments you should contemplate getting during the cold season.

Laser Hair Removal


For the most part all laser procedures will need to be shielded from the sun. Don’t torture yourself in the summer by not be able to bath in the sun, instead get your treatment done during winter. Dermatologist Joel Schlessinger, MD, explains why you need to stay out of sunlight, “Most patients don’t realize just how important it is to avoid direct and indirect sun exposure for at least three months after your treatment. Sun exposure post laser can make or break your results. Sun exposure can undo all the benefits garnered from a laser. For that reason, it’s best to schedule laser treatments during the fall and winter months when you’re less likely to be outside.”

Hair Gloss

Have you ever wondered why your hair looks dull and damaged after summer? Well, the sun, heat, summer highlights, and chlorine all work together to give your hair a brittle look. Take this advice from color expert, Abby Haliti, “After the summer, I recommend clients use a gloss every four to six weeks for shine and to seal the cuticle. Glosses are gentle on the hair (there’s no ammonia) and also have the benefit of adjusting tones in the hair too. You can still use color safely, just know that your hair is more sensitive so your colorist needs to be careful when applying the color because hair is more likely to absorb the color quickly, especially in the midshaft and ends.”

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels work by exfoliating your skin, which makes your skin more vulnerable to sunlight. Dr. Schlessinger advises, “You want to stay out of direct sunlight after a peel and use sunscreen. With a minor peel, you need to avoid the sun for a few days; deeper peels require up to three months of being sun-free.”

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is perfect for the winter month because you need to grow it out for multiple treatments and your skin can’t be tan.


Don’t get liposuction unless you can flaunt your new body and you won’t be able to flaunt it for a couple months until all the swelling goes down. One part of treatment is wearing a compression garment, which can be from one to three months after surgery.

Find a cosmetic surgeon to start your treatments this winter!

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