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Varicose Veins Be Gone with 2 New Treatments

Varicose veins be gone with two new treatments. Do you suffer from unruly varicose veins?  Do you want to strap on a bikini and head to the beach in this warm summer weather but are downright embarrassed?

Well, look no further ladies and gentlemen.  No need to go the traditional surgery route to treat varicose veins.  Two minimally invasive new techniques do the job.

Endovenous laser ablation is done under local anesthesia and destroys the veins from inside.  The other treatment is radiofrequency ablation that uses radiofrequency waves to heat the veins, forcing them to deteriorate.

Best part about these new treatments is that within 24 hours you can go and resume your daily activities. 

Are you going to sign up for this treatment?  Or have already?  Tell us.

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