EXOCEL Bio is focused on patient safety. Their methods are rooted in sound science and the results are always fact-based. EXOVEX is formulated to accelerate recovery and enhance efficacy by improving the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, skin tone, and texture. Made of precision growth factors and mRNA, EXOVEX is professional use only for post laser or micro-needling aesthetic treatment. Exovex offers the best non-invasive solutions available on the market to create customized combinations of cutting-edge technology for wellness.

The Science of Precision and Growth Factors

Exovex products are extensively tested using advanced techniques such as NGS, MUDPit and nine screening points to formulate acellular products that are optimized to encourage anti-aging, making Exovex the safest nanoparticle product available.

  • EVs target and repair damaged tissue at sites of inflammation to transfer their content resulting in phenotypic functional changes.
  • Evs contain growth factors mRNA and miRNA, lipids and cell-signaling proteins to repair and regenerate cells.
  • They have a reliable and robust safety profile and are acellular. Meaning they have no DNA or cellular material.

What are Growth Factors?

A growth factor is a naturally occurring protein- substance that may be capable of stimulating cell proliferation, healing, and occasionally cellular differentiation. Aesthetically, growth factors play an important role in maintaining skin firmness, tone, and elasticity. Exovex can help fill the growth factor gap when used by a professional topically with facial, micro-needling, and energy-based aesthetic devices.

Exovex precision growth factors are specifically selected and characterized to contain anti-aging properties such as:

  • Anti-Inflammatory Proteins
  • Extracellular Vesicles
  • Collagen
  • Cytokines
  • Enzymes
Soft Filling Technique

Benefits of EXOVEX

  • Improves the appearance of aging
  • Encourages healthy turnover of cells
  • Reduces the appearance of sun damage
  • Removes the feeling of a burning sensation
  • Dramatically reduce post-procedure downtime
  • Enhances the results of a treatment service
Vein Treatments


Perfectly balanced with a stabilized, naturally secreted growth factor blend. Exovex REVIVE complements post-micro-needling, aesthetic maintenance, and under-eye services, assisting in reduced downtime and improving the appearance of a youthful skin glow.



The ideal complement for deeper aesthetic skin treatment and small alopecia spot treatment, Exovex RENEW is a well-balanced stabilized, naturally secreted growth factor serum that assists in reduced downtime and post-laser burning sensation, while expediting the desired effects of the treatment.



Designed for larger aesthetic post-procedure applications that combine full face, neck, and décolleté and medium scalp area treatment. Exovex REVEAL helps expedite the desired effects of the service treatment while assisting in a reduction of post-procedure downtime and post-laser burning sensation.

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Treatment results vary as every patient is different, with patients experiencing results after one to three treatments.

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