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Fractional CO2

With aging, the epidermis thins. The number of melanocytes decreases, but those remaining melanocytes, increase in size. Aging skin thus appears thinner, more translucent. Age spots may appear in sun-exposed areas. Changes in the connective tissue reduce the skin's strength and elasticity. Aging of the skin is associated with progressive atrophy of the dermis, as well as changes in the architectural organization, leading to folds and wrinkles.

Fractional Technology
The Mosaic CO2 laser beam heats and vaporizes the skin tissue, instantly removing the superficial layers of the skin. Each fractional micro spot creates a thermal zone. Intact cells around the treated area help during the healing process. This process induces cell regeneration. Immediate tightening and textural improvement is seen after one week of the procedure.

Wound Healing
When the upper dermis is heated, the natural wound healing process is stimulated. The fibroblasts respond naturally producing collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglycans generating dermal restructuring. Mosiac CO2 combines the 10,600 wavelength, multiple scan sizes, and depth of penetration from 50 microns to 2.4mm. Using a proprietary laser delivery algorithm, eCO2s Controlled Chaos Technology (CCT) delivers each fractional beam as far away from the previous beam to maximize heat dissipation . This Fractional methodology produces a calculated tissue thermal relaxation time resulting in a faster healing process and less pain.

The result is a smoother, clearer and more youthful appearance of the skin. There is an immediate tightening. The procedure allows removal of sun spots, reduction in pore size, wrinkles, acne scars via soft tissue coagulation, and other textural irregularities. There is progressive improvement of the skin appearance due to the continued collagen production resulting in added improvements for 6 months following the treatment.