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What Causes Varicose Veins

What causes varicose veins.

The human body is comprised of a series of “highways” that carry blood to and from your heart.  Arteries carry blood from your heart while veins return blood to your heart.  This circulation provides blood to all of your functioning organs.  

The walls of the veins are similar to elastic, and small valves within the vein open to allow blood to flow toward the heart. They also close to keep the blood from flowing back into the vein.  This pumping effect occurs through muscle contractions in the legs. 

Varicose veins are essentially small pools of blood that have formed in the veins causing the vein to get larger.  They are caused by weak valves within the vein preventing the blood from moving forward.  They are blue in color because they have deoxygenated blood inside.

The malfunctions of these valves, within the veins are caused by numerous situations.  Age is one primary cause due to the elasticity of the vein weakening as we get older.  Pregnancy may contribute to varicose veins due to a decrease in blood flow to the legs and pelvis area, and pressure being placed on the veins in your legs. 

 Age is one primary cause.Hormonal changes can also contribute to varicose veins.

Hormonal changes can also contribute to varicose veins. Women tend to be more likely to develop varicose veins.  Hormone replacement therapy can cause varicose veins.  Family history can make a person more likely to develop varicose veins.  Obesity or being overweight adds pressure to veins which can cause varicose veins.  Standing or sitting for extended periods of time can affect your blood flow which can cause varicose veins. 

Varicose Vein Complications
Sometimes, varicose veins can lead to painful ulcers forming around or near varicose veins, especially in the ankle area.  These ulcers can be caused by a fluid formation in the tissue area.  Blood Clots can form and when the area swells it can indicate the present of a blood clot, a very serious situation. 

Vein and Skin Center of Hawaii
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