Wrinkle Treatments with the Fewest Complications

According to recent publications, cosmetic procedures such as Botox, fillers, and laser treatments have few adverse side effects and complications.

Botox is used for relaxing the area around the smile and any frown lines; fillers pump up sagging areas of the face; and laser treatments have been removing unwanted hair. These procedures are considered minimally invasive cosmetic treatments and any side effects were considered to be rare.

Information from a three-month period using results from 20,000 procedures confirms this data. Each site studied reported the procedures and complications to researchers. The research staff then contacted patients within 7 days of their treatments for information on complications or side effects.

Wrinkle Treatments
Wrinkle Treatments

At the close of the study there were 48 adverse events reported. No procedure was determined to be life threatening requiring hospitalization.

Those who had laser treatments reported 13 complications that included darkened skin or redness of the treated area. The Botox, and filler treated patients reported 25 complications, which were described as lumps, nodules, or skin darkening. The complications were expected to disappear with treatment.

Less than one quarter of one percent of the procedures studied had any adverse effect.

Any treatment can have side effects, but having a physician available to help manage them helps minimize the risk.

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