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Laser Liposuction Shows a 50% Improvement in Treatment

Laser liposuction shows a 50 percent improvement in treatment.

People who are searching for an option for the removal pockets of fat without the potential of excess loose skin are turning to Laser Liposuction

Researchers report that using the newer technique of laser liposuction can increase tightening of excess skin. 

The former liposuction technique of removing fat worked for people with firm skin.  Using the laser technique can enhance the procedure for those with skin that tends to be less than firm.
The differences between the more traditional form of liposuction and laser liposuction are the increase in the removal of fat by the laser method, less blood loss, the melting of fat prior to vacuuming during the laser process, and the release of collagen helping the skin to tighten.

Injection solution.
Similarities between the two processes include the injection of a solution into the area for numbing, shrinking blood vessels to lessen the loss of blood, and the incision.  Bruising tends to be similar for both procedures.